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Quality prenailed wall frames and roof trusses since 1986

Excelling in the extremely competitive building industry is no mean feat and the fact that we have been doing so since 1986 speaks volumes about the passion, determination, and quality of service that we pride ourselves on.

Add this to our close relationships with industry suppliers and the FTMA in both NZ and Australia, and you have a fabricator with a quality focus and superior service.

Your experienced edge

Once a job has been detailed for production, it is sent to our fully computerised frame and truss plant.

As licensed Pryda Fabricators, our in-house team of experienced detailers and estimators are highly skilled in the latest Pryda engineering and design software.

Both our pre-nailed wall frame and roof truss plants are operated by highly skilled staff – many of whom have been with us for 10 years or more.

Buildable Truss Layout & PS1 Certification Service

We offer a buildable layout and PS1 certification service.

PS1 certification is required by local council when applying for building consent. As a licensed truss fabricator, we can provide the homeowner, builder, architect, or designer with a truss PS1 for inclusion with their building consent application. Then when the time comes, we can also manufacture the trusses allowing for a more seamless detailing process. A fee and lead time does apply.

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Pryda Floor Truss Systems

We can design and manufacture Pryda Floor Truss Systems. These offer many benefits to the designer, the builder, and the building owner in providing a reliable high-performance system for both domestic and commercial construction.   

The Pryda fully engineered open-web timber floor truss systems with timber webs (Pryda Longreach) or metal webs (Pryda Span) have many advantages that result in a lower net installed cost compared to other floor systems that are available. 

Pryda floor trusses are custom-designed for the job by our in-house detailing team. The design incorporates required stiffness, depth, timber grades and span to achieve optimal performance, cost, and installation efficiency. 

Invested and committed

In 1998, Lance Worthington the managing director of the Wiri Timber group founded the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association (FTMA - NZ).

The FTMA was formed as an independent, not-for-profit association whose members were determined to raise the standards of the industry and commit to high-quality framing practices. We continue to be dedicated to exceeding industry standards and have access to all the latest industry information.

All of this passion, knowledge, skill, and technology allows us to produce pre-cut and pre-nailed wall frames and roof trusses of the highest quality.