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Sharp, competitive pricing on your favourite products

Find an extensive range of quality building materials and supplies easily in our yard and hardware stores, or by custom order with the help of our sales staff.

At Wiri we stay in tune with the ever-changing market and adapt quickly to customer needs to give you sharp, competitive, pricing consistently.

In the yard

In the yard we stock... Fencing Materials, Retaining Materials, Pine and Hardwood Decking, Ply, Framing Materials, Plasterboard, Mouldings, PVC Jointers & Flashings, Galvanised Flashings, Marley Downpipes & Spouting, Flooring Materials, Fibre Cement Boards, Weatherboards, Selected James Hardie Weatherboards, Cavity Battens, Fascia, Mesh, Steel Rods, Boxing Materials, Piles, Construction SED Poles, Selected LVL’s, Manufactured Flitch Beams

Hardware stores

In our hardware stores we stock... Glues & Sealants, Ladders, Ampelite Corrugated Roofing, Spades & Shovels, GIB Compounds, Gun Nails, Masonry Nails, Building Paper & Wrap, Doors & Door Hardware, Gate Hardware, Insulation [Wall & Roof Batts], Stair Stringers, Soakers, Paint Accessories, Selected James Hardie Soakers and Flashings, Window Tape, Backing Rod, Pryda Fixings, Polythene, Drain Coil, Builders Aprons, Safety Gear, Wheelbarrows, Drill Bits, Cutting & Grinding Discs, Bagged Concrete, Builders Mix.

We also carry, in both Galvanised and Stainless Steel; Structural Brackets, Bolts, Nails, Screws.

Stores in Manukau and Mt Roskill

Custom orders

As required we can order in... Metal Roofing, Ampelite Roofing, Concrete & Concrete Blocks, Palliside, Bricks, Construction SED Poles, Plasterboard, Cedar, James Hardie Products, BGC Products, Flashings, Steel, LVL Beams & Posts, Glulam Beams & Posts, Hand Tools, Power Tools and many other made to order materials and lengths.

We can also source and organise skip bins and site toilets to suit your requirements.