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Eden Park Residences

"It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend Wiri Timber for anyone who requires fabrication of Pre-nailed Frames and Trusses.

QM Development have been using your frames since April 2021 and have been completely satisfied with the quality of your products. The ability to engage with your in-house detailing team directly is a big advantage. My assigned account managers exceed my expectations with their level of service, expertise, and honest advice.

I look forward to working with you on my upcoming projects."

QM Development

Eden Park Residences

Client | QM Development Limited
Scope of project | 6 x 3 storey terraced houses
Start date | Construction began February 2023


Concept plans received August 2022; council stamped working drawings then received from customer, for estimating, at the beginning of July 2023. The completed estimates were presented to the customer at the end of July 2023 where the customer then proceeded to sign the six jobs with Wiri Timber at the beginning of August 2023 for supply in October 2023.

The jobs have been tracking on time and to schedule with all prenail frames delivered to site and the trusses underway. Due to limited space on site - account managers Henry and Nicholas worked with the client to segregate the deliveries in accordance to the project’s critical path.

Wiri Timber rebated a vast majority of the ground floor frames from our factory to accommodate the internal + external ply bracing required for 3 storey houses; this was done as per working drawings supplied and in accordance to the NZBC. This assisted the builders with their efficiency on site as they weren’t required to manually planar the walls on site to allow for the rebated ply bracing.


The main products used were Wiri Timber frames and trusses, Barrierline system, braceply, joist and flooring materials and hardware.