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Kings Corner Boutique Residences

"We've had the pleasure of working with Wiri Timber, and our experience has been exceptional, thanks to the dedicated account manager. His prompt communication, commitment to ensuring a smooth and efficient process has significantly contributed to the success of our project.

Wiri Timber is not just a supplier but a reliable partner, and our account managers professionalism exemplifies their commitment to customer satisfaction. We would highly recommend Wiri Timber to anyone looking for timber framing and wide range of other building materials supplier in Auckland."

Kings Corner Boutique Residences

Client | Kings Corner Limited
Scope of project | 8 x 3 and 4 storey terraced houses with mezzanine rooftop deck
Start date | Construction began November 2022


Plans received from customer, for estimating in August 2022. The completed estimate was presented to the customer in September 2022.

The project was then placed on hold for a few months, and was revisited in February 2023 when revised estimates were then presented to the customer; in which the customer proceeded to sign the either jobs with Wiri Timber for supply in May 2023.

Due to the complexity of this project, a site measure was performed by account manager Henry with dimensions confirmed by the client to address the external walls featuring angles on Lots 1, 2 & 3. This resulted in a slight delay, however dealt with in an efficient manner which saw the Level 1 prenail frames delivered to site in June 2023.

Extra attention was allocated to the detailing phase of this project, as it required double bottom plates on the majority of the external frames to accommodate the specified engineered design requirement stipulated for the external ply brace. As the Intertenancy walls were concrete block, a site measure was performed at each floor in order to confirm the internal wall dimensions. The team at Wiri Timber demonstrated a high level of insight and experience to ensure the prenailed components were correctly fabricated from our factory before sent to site.

This job is still underway and continuing to progress. All prenailed components are now on site. The Rafter roof, for all units, are being supplied as loose as requested by the client. Decking joists are awaiting delivery to site. Wiri Timber has arranged a long reach truck 32M with flygib + winch for deliveries past the 3rd floor due to access + health and safety reasons.


The main products used were Wiri Timber frames and rafters, joist and flooring materials, HYJOIST’s, mouldings, plywood, hardware. We have also been able to assist the customer with arranging skip bins on site.